Matias Lado Masson.

Born in 1998 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I discovered my passion for content creation while pursuing law at the University of Buenos Aires. At the age of 21, during my travels in Australia, I found myself stranded in the country due to Covid-19 and chose to fully embrace my true passion the moment I completed my degree remotely. A self-taught and creative professional, I excel in both digital and film photography & videography. Flourishing in collaborative efforts, I’m known for my youthful energy, passion, and strong sense of responsibility.

Fully equipped with a comprehensive set of gear, I’m ready to lend my skills to dynamic and creative projects across Australia and am always eager for overseas adventures. Influenced by a natural, ocean-inspired style with a touch of an old-school aesthetic, I am the perfect fit for brands seeking authenticity and freshness in their projects.

Wind turbines standing on a grassy plain, against a blue sky.
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